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Simple STL code in C++

Just a general simple program for the Standard Template Library (STL) List

#include <list>
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
class codeWord{
double vl[3];
double minI;

minI = 0;
vl[0]=vl[1]=vl[2] = 0;
void printList(std::list<codeWord *> &ml){
cout <<endl;

codeWord *ptr;
for(std::list<codeWord *>::iterator list_iter = ml.begin(); list_iter != ml.end(); list_iter++)    {
ptr = *list_iter;
std::cout<<” ” << ptr->minI<<endl;

cout <<endl;

void main(void){

std::list<codeWord *> mlist;
codeWord a;
codeWord b;

a.minI = 10;
b.minI = 5;




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