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calculating distance matrix; Matlab

A simple code to calculate the L2 distance matrix between any features.

UPDATE: found pdist and pdist2 functions in matlab, so no more need of following function

function D = calculateDistMatrix( points1, points2, f)
%D = calculateDistMatrix( points1, points2)
%points1: is m by n matrix, where n is number of points
if nargin ❤
    f = 0;
totalPoints1 = size(points1,2);
totalPoints2 = size(points2,2);
if f == 0
D= zeros(totalPoints1, totalPoints2);
D = sparse(totalPoints1, totalPoints2);
for i=1:totalPoints1
    D(i,:) = sqrt(sum((points2-repmat(points1(:,i), 1,totalPoints2)).^2));

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