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Writing PPM image file in C++

November 20, 2008 Leave a comment

Following is the C++ code for writting the ppm image file

strtemp has file name,

fData is the pointer to the image data.

ofstream output(strtemp, ios::binary|ios::out);
cout << ” unable to open the output file “<< strtemp << endl;
output << “P6″<< endl <<“# foreground “<<endl;
output << itoa(IWidth, strtemp, 10);
output << ” “;
output << itoa(IHeight, strtemp, 10);
output << endl;
output << itoa(255, strtemp, 10) << endl;
output.write( (char *)fData, IHeight*IWidth*3);

};//end of else

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(ReadShader)Simple File Reading Code in C++ with File Size buffer

April 5, 2008 Leave a comment

//impressed by lighthouse 3d and help taken from sources on the internet.
//this is not my idea, not my full code.

//It reads the full file in single go.

using namespace std;

char * readShader(char *fileName){

cout <<“nothing”;
ifstream input(fileName);
cout << endl << “UNABLE TO OPEN FILE ” << fileName <<endl;
return 0;

int st = input.tellg();
input.seekg(0, ios::end);
int end = input.tellg();
int fileSize = end – st;
if(fileSize <= 0){return 0;}

char *data = new char[fileSize+50];//50 added to just have buffer
memset(data, ”,fileSize+10);
input.seekg(0, ios::beg);,fileSize);
data[fileSize]= ”; //appending the zero as the read does not append that
return data;