This page contains some of the matlab  code. Free to download for every one but use it on your responsibility.


I am here adding different tips I have found. They might be as silly but then they are tips

  • Changing in between the different edit panels Ctrl + Page Up or Ctrl + Page Down
  • A(i, : ) = [] will remove the ith row from the A matrix. That is it will move the rows below the ith row one step up.
  • Saving file
      • WRONG save( fNTrain, ‘trainData’ , ‘-ascii -double -tabs’);
      • ‘-ascii -double -tabs’ is WRONG
      • Correct: save(fNTest, ‘testData’,‘-ascii’, ‘-double’, ‘-tabs’);
        • That is each option is separate
        • note that each variable name is given as string
  • To repeat some array use repmat
  • To view the 3D data use the sliceomatic
  • [c r]=meshgrid(1:4, 1:3)] will generate matrices with 3 cols and 4 rows. If we use otherwise then we will have to take the transpose;


Random point from Multi-variable Normal (Gaussian) Distribution

Drawing 2D Normal (Gaussian) Distribution

Normal (Gaussian) Probability

Normal Likelihood for Multiple 1D points

PCA Code(Click Here)


SVM Toolboxes


Script to read MINST Dataset

Simple Video marking tool

BUILD in Guide, Tool reads an video (avi) file and allows the used to browse the frames and mark points in the frames.

One can mark as many points (rectangles) as one wants in each frame. More points could be added or deleted and each point could separately displayed to help decide which point one wants to remove or keep.

If the frame size is bigger than the view area, it resizes window and markers are saved according to the original size.

Marked points could be stored in the text file

USE: It could be used to

  • mark ground truth in the tracking of different particles (such as joints of person) in the video.
  • Data collection, e.g. marking the locations faces in the video

Download the zip file and  unzip it into the folder and run the vidoemarker.m file

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